Overview of Influitive Zapier App

The long-awaited Influitive Zapier App is officially here! Zapier is middleware software that can help connect the Influitive App to other applications seamlessly without any complex coding-related setup. The idea here is that you will need to choose an event to trigger and an action to happen after the workflow is run. The setup will only require you to choose options from the dropdown menu with clear and easy instructions to set up a Zap.

Here are a few Zap ideas that you can do with the Influitive Zapier package:

1.Event triggers (IF) 2.Action (THEN)
When a user registers for a webinar in ON24 Award points in the Hub
When a new referral lead is submitted in the Hub Automatically send an invitation email from Hubspot
When a user posts a new topic discussions in the Hub Automatically send an email notification to the appropriate team
When a new user joins the Hub Create a new profile record in your CRM
When a user completed online training in Skilljar Award points in the Hub
When a prospect filled out a web form in SurveyMonkey Creates the prospect in the Hub to be invited
When a referred user purchased a product from Shopify Update the Referral milestone status in the AdvocateHub


  • The list of examples above is not limited only / to the Apps described. Influitive Zapier App is able to connect to other Zapier supported Apps or Apps that allow API/Webhook capabilities. Please see the list of Zapier supported Apps here.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this Application, please contact support@influitive.com.
  • You will need to sign up for a Zapier account to use the Influitive Zapier App. The free Zapier account allows you to create 5 Zaps and a maximum of 2 steps per Zap. See more Zapier pricing plans here - https://zapier.com/app/billing/plans

Demo video: Awarding points in the AdvocateHub to ON24 webinar attendees

Setup Overview


Set up a Trigger

The first thing to do is to determine the event that needs to happen in order to trigger for the Zap to run. For this example, we want the Zap to run when a user attends a webinar on ON24.

A. To start, login to your Zapier account and Make a new Zap.

B. Give your Zap a name/title. Then choose the App that you’re looking for and select an event to trigger. After choosing an App, Zapier will then show you the next setup steps needed based on the App that you chose. For the example here, we will choose the ON24 App to trigger when there is a new attendee in the webinar.

C. Next, Zapier will ask you to connect the account that has a login to the Application by clicking Add a new account. Then a pop-up window will appear and give you instructions on how to connect your account like the example below:

D. Choose the specific webinar that you want to award the Hub members for attending and click Continue.

E. Fetch an example of the triggered data to be used for future steps. To do this, you would need to produce a test event that you’ve set up in the connected App. E.g. Create a test account in ON24 and attend the selected webinar. Then click Test & Review or Test & Continue.

If creating a test event trigger is not feasible, you have the option to Skip Test and Zapier can provide you with sample test values for you to use.

F. Once the data is available, click Continue and you are now ready to move on to the next step of the Zap.

Here’s what the Influitive Zapier App can trigger. This means that the Zap will run when:

  1. A new topic has been posted in your Influitive AdvocateHub’s Discussions
  2. A new Referral lead is submitted through the Influitive AdvocateHub Referral Campaigns
  3. A reward is redeemed in your AdvocateHub
  4. A new member just joined your AdvocateHub
  5. A custom event is logged


Set up a Filter or Search step

If you choose to add a second step in between your Trigger and Action, this would be more than 2 step Zap and would require a paid Zapier package. This step is useful when you’re looking to select specific events to push through or looking to get more information on a Hub member/referral or to check if the member exists in the AdvocateHub.

A. Filter Step (Optional)

Use the Filter by Zapier App to select the specific events.

For example:

  • If you only want to award points to webinar attendees who asked a question about the new product during the webinar. (See screenshot above).
  • Award points to a user who replied to a specific Discussions Topic or Category.
  • List the specific challenges to grab responses from.

B. Search Step (Required if you want to fetch AdvocateHub Contact's details)

Use the Search by Influitive App to look up the Hub contact's information (e.g. Name, Email, Points and etc) when you use the Influitive App Triggers. You can use our Search steps as part of any Zap to look up and grab more details on a particular member or referral in the Hub.

Examples scenarios to use this Search by Influitive Step:

  • If there’s an updated Contact record in your CRM, you can use the Search step to find the Hub member by email to see if they exist in the hub. (Use Retrieve Member by Email)
  • When using the Reward redeemed, New Member Joined, Community Topic posted, Custom Event logged triggers, the payload doesn't include the member's email. Therefore, you will need to add the Search step to find the member's email address by their UUID or ID (Use Retrieve Member by UUID or ID)


Set up an Action step

Lastly, here is where you can choose the action that you want to happen after the trigger is kicked off and which App you want this Action to happen in. For this example: we want to award 50 points in the AdvocateHub to the Webinar attendees. This will be possible through logging a custom event with points in the AdvocateHub.

A. First, choose the App and the action that you want to happen. In this example, we want to choose the Influitive App and Log Custom event.

B. If the Influitive App is chosen, click Add a New Account. Then connect your AdvocateHub account by entering the Influitive API Authorization token and ORG ID. Here’s where you can find them in your AdvocateHub - https://support.influitive.com/article/391-influitive-api#auth

C. Choose and customize the event that you would like to happen in the Hub.

- API Code needs to be created in your Hub. Here’s how: API: Setting up Custom Event

- The number of points to be awarded

- For the email, since it’s going to be unique each time a new attendee is recorded. You will need to click on the field and you will be provided with data options that was pulled from Step 1E. Choose the Email data here. This acts as a template for the Zapier App to populate.

D. Once you’re happy with the details, click Continue.

E. Finally, test your Zapier data by clicking Test & Review.

F. Once it’s successful, you should see the awarded points in the user’s profile feed on AdvocateHub.

Here are Actions that the Influitive Zapier App currently supports:

  1. Create a new member in the Invite List of the AdvocateHub
  2. Advance the Referral Milestone status in the AdvocateHub
  3. Unsubscribe a member from AdvocateHub emails
  4. Log a custom event to an advocate’s profile
  5. Send a Hub invitation to a member who has not been invited before

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