Multi Hub Reporting

Multi-Hub Reporting is part of our Hub Central Suite, if you’d like to learn more reach out to your Influitive Account team.

If your Hub is part of a family of Hubs you may want to look at reports across each one to compare and get a holistic view of activity.

In order to access Multi-hub Reporting you will need to be an ‘Administrator’ role in a hub within the family or be in a role that has been given the ‘View Multi Hub Reports’ Permission. All Hubs in the family can access this multi-Hub reporting, however, to access all the Hub's reporting data, you will need to have an administrator account in each of the Hub in the Hub Family.

Navigate to your hub switcher on the top left-hand corner of an admin page. In the Dropdown you will see an option for Multi Hub Reports

These reports look nearly the same as your regular Hub Reports. You can see various dashboards to browse and an area for saved reports.

When saving your reports you can choose to save in the Shared folder which is only accessible in Multi Hub Reporting by you and other administrators.

In the reports, you will notice a Hub Name filter which by default will contain all the hubs in your family. You can choose to remove certain hubs as you’d like.

Note: The reports in some dashboards have been slightly modified to compare data across your hubs.

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