Dismissed Challenges

Ways users dismiss challenges

There are two ways where users can dismiss a challenge or mark it to finish later:

  1. Clicking the Later button inside the Challenge

  2. Save for Later through the Challenge card (by clicking the ellipses).

What happens when a user marked challenges as Later?

Advocate View

The dismissed challenges will live in the Later tab for the users to access at a later time.

If the challenge is a part of a channel marking the challenge as later will place the challenge in the Later Challenges folder inside the Channel. To switch the view, click on the dropdown "Available challenges" and switch the option.

Note: If it's the last challenge in the Channel, the challenge will be placed in the main Challenge page's Later Tab since the Channel card will disappear

Admin View

From the Administrator view, the user who dismissed the challenge will appear in the Dismissed tab in the Challenge page.

Administrators can also sort the challenges based on the Dismissed count from the Challenges Tab

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