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Discussions user's view

When users don’t like a post, they can flag it for moderators. The flag dialog has 4 options: off-topic, inappropriate, spam, and something else. The first three cast the flag, something else allows for a custom message and then casts the flag. Learn more about how user flags discussions topic - Discussions 2.0: Notifications, Flag, Delete

Admin Review & Flag Handling

All flagged posts and pending approvals will appear in the Administrator Moderation page. This page can be accessed through your Admin view > Discussions > Moderation.

When a flag is a cast, it will be prioritized (for the admin to review) based on:

  • The type of flag and any extra priorities
  • The number of flags
  • The flagging accuracy of user(s) who flagged the post
  • Whether it was flagged by another Hub Administrator

There are four options for admins when handling flags

1. Agree

Agreeing with a flag confirms that the post is off-topic, spam, inappropriate, or something else. When you agree with a flag, a dropdown menu will open giving you options for how to handle the post and its creator.

  • Keep Post: Agree with the flag, but keep the post visible.
  • Suspend User: Agree with the flag and suspend the user. A suspended user cannot login to the Hub anymore.
  • Silence User: Agree with the flag and silence the user. A silenced user has all posting disabled (they cannot reply to topics, create topics, or create flags).
  • Hide Post: Hide this post and automatically send the user a message urging them to edit it.

2. Disagree

Choosing Disagree will remove the flag from the post and leave the post visible.

3. Ignore

When a flag is Ignored, the flag will stay in place, but the flag will be removed from the Pending flags list in the Review Queue. You can search for ignored flags on the Review page by selecting ‘Ignored’ from the Status dropdown menu.

4. Delete

Clicking the Delete button for a post in the Review Queue will cause the post to be deleted. You will be given two options when you select the Delete option. ‘Delete Post and Ignore’ will remove the post, but not penalize its creator with the flag. ‘Delete Post and Agree’ will delete the post and penalize its creator with the flag.

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