Signing Up Advocates At An Event

We understand that an event can be a hectic experience which means an efficient recruitment process is needed for signing up new Advocates to your program is a must. This article will contain a few approaches you can take to ensure a seamless process and will also point out what not to do.

Option #1 - Using A Join URL

This is a very straightforward option. You can read about Join URLs in more detail here but the below are the high-level steps you want to take here:

1. Create your group and Join URL
2. Open a browser in an incognito/private window*
3. Enter the Join URL
4. The advocate will be presented with the opportunity to enter their email address, name, and password

*We recommend using an incognito/private window here as you don't want the information of the previous Advocate to be stored in the browser while a new Advocate tries to sign up, this could lead to issues. It is also important to close down this window each time instead of opening multiple incognito windows as all subsequently opened incognito windows will have the information stored from the initially opened incognito window.

Option #2 - Using A QR Code

You can create a QR code with the Join URL on any of the many free sites out there such as QR Stuff.

The obvious drawback for this approach is that although many iPhones have a QR reader built-in, Android users may need to download a QR reader app in order to use this method.

Things To Avoid

We would recommend not uploading Advocates ahead of time or manually adding Advocates on the spot as this will lead to more work for you and can result in delays as you will need to send an email invite which may take a couple of minutes to arrive in the Advocates inbox.

The most important thing to remember is that the AdvocateHub App does not allow Advocates to sign up using it. If they attempt to sign up using the AdvocateHub App they will see the error below:

For more tips and tricks for recruiting Advocates during an event, get involved with our discussion over on VIP - How to Recruit Onsite at an Event

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