Muting and watching Discussions topics and categories

On any Category or Topic, you will find notifications options which allow a user to choose whether or not they'd like to receive notifications for activity in that topic or category.

Notification options for Topics

At the bottom of every topic, you will find a button with a circle icon and the label Normal. This is the default state for this feature and means that you will receive notifications when someone mentions you or replies to you. If you posted the thread or replied in the thread, this automatically changes to Watching at which point you will receive updates of all activities in the topic.

If you do not want to receive any updates and / or you don't want to see this thread in the list of latest updates on the Home page, you can choose the Muted option.

Notification options for Categories

You will find a smaller button with simply a circle icon at the top of every Category page. This will be beside the "+ New Topic" button. Clicking on this will present you with the options seen below.

The options are very similar to the Topic notification options, and are as follows:

  • Normal - You will only receive notifications for mentions or replies to your posts.
  • Muted - You will never see topics from this Category on your Home page and you will never receive notifications for any new topics in the category.

Note: the "Watching" and "Watching First Post" features for Categories are currently nonfunctional. They will soon be removed from the Hub. 

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