Discussions: Topic Timers (Scheduling Discussions Topics)

Administrators can schedule actions to Discussions topics through the Administrator Moderation capabilities. To access this tool, head over to a Discussions Topic > Click the wrench icon > Set Topic Timer.

Once clicked, you'll see the following dropdown menu:

Automatically Close or Open a topic 

You can set the time to close the Discussions topic. This will essentially set a deadline for the users to reply. Closing the topic means that the users will no longer be able to reply to the thread, however, they will be able to still view the previous Discussions Topic thread before it was closed.

Once closed, you can also re-set the topic timer to re-open the topic.

Additionally, you have a wide range of time to choose the scheduler.

Close or Open the topic temporarily

As an administrator, you can also open or close the Discussions Topic temporarily. You can set the time of when to automatically re-open or close the Discussions topic.

Schedule a post to publish

To do this, the scheduled topic post would need to be published in another category first. You can create a hidden new category that’s only targeted to a test account. Here's how to edit the Category's targeting visibility - Discussions Category Targeting Setup. From there, you can schedule the post from that hidden category to be published in the appropriate visible categories.

  • Please note: The timestamp of the post follows the newly published scheduled time, however, the activity feed and notifications in the Hub will not be updated and will follow the original post timestamp. Additionally, Users mentioned in the scheduled post will still be notified, despite if the post is hidden or published in a category not available to them.

Automatically delete topic

To auto-delete a topic after a certain period of time. Be careful when you are deleting the topic because it will no longer be visible for the users to find and may cause broken links if the topic URL is attached somewhere in the Hub. 

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