Discussions: How to export Discussions Responses

When users replied to a Discussions post from a Reply to Discussions challenge stage, their action is recorded under the Acts of Advocacy. Therefore, the ROI View will display the actions made the users in the Hub. Through this view, you can export the Discussion Responses.

You can do this by going to the Performance > ROI > Filter the Source = Discussions > Apply Filters. This will display all the Reply to Discussion Topic Advocacy Type.

To export or download this data, you can hit the Actions buttton > Click "Export". This document will be ready to download under the Notification Centre.

The export will include the following data columns:

  1. Event occurrence date and time
  2. The content of the Reply post or comment
  3. Contact Email, Name
  4. The Channel where the Reply to Discussion challenge lives in
  5. Any Campaign that the challenge belongs to
  6. Name/Title of the Reply to Discussion challenge
  7. The URL link to the forum the users replied to
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