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Challenges Carousel Overview

The Challenges Carousel on the Homepage contains up to 12 Challenges and Channels in a carousel format allowing your advocates to complete Challenges from within the Homepage. The carousel will only show in-progress or uncompleted Challenges, as well as any Channels that have uncompleted Challenges. Users can hover over the challenges and click on the right or left arrow to navigate the carousel.

Configuring the Challenges Carousel

The carousel controls can be found in your Admin Settings > Advocate Program > Homepage. From here, you can choose how many Channels can appear, how the Challenges are ordered, and filtering out Challenges that belong to Channels.

You can choose anywhere between 0 to a maximum of 12 Channels. The actual number of Channels that will appear for a user will depend on how many Channels are targeted to them. For example, if you set this number to 5, but if a user only has 3 channels targeted to them, their carousel will only display 3. Likewise, even if a user has 10 channels targeted to them, their carousel will only display 5 at any given time. These Channels will always appear in the order of their Rank, similar to their behaviour on the Challenges page. This means that if the Channel ranking are the same, it will be ordered based on Created Date with the newest being the first.

Any remaining space that is not occupied by Channels in the carousel will be filled by Challenges. Challenges can be ordered by their 'Rank', 'First Published Date', or 'Latest Published Date'. The Rank behaviour is identical to the behaviour in the Challenges page.

While ordering by First Published Date will use the date the challenge was first published, ordering by the Latest Published Date will use the last date in which this challenge was published, meaning un-publishing and re-publishing a challenge will affect the ordering. 

Finally, you can choose to display Challenges that belong in a Channel.

  • When this Include challenges that are in channels is on AND you choose not to display any Channels, it will display all the challenges within and outside of Channels based on the Challenge's Rank or Published Date (depending on what you've set up).
  • When this Include challenges that are in channels is on AND you choose to display a number of Channels in the carousel (for example, you choose to display 3 Channels Ranked 1, 2 and 3). This means that only Challenges that do not belong to any of the 3 displayed Channels will be shown. Challenges that belonged to other Channels (ranking 4 and above) will be displayed as challenges as well.
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