Advocacy Picker

The purpose of the Advocacy Picker is to help admins think about the goals of their challenges by putting advocacy first. In addition, the Advocacy Picker will help improve the accuracy of ROI reporting and Acts of Advocacy reporting. The Advocacy Picker also provides a chance for admins to showcase new use cases in their Influitive Hub. 

What is the Advocacy Picker?

The Advocacy Picker is the first page an admin sees when they click "Add Stage" while creating a challenge.

Once an admin is taken to the Advocacy Picker, they are prompted to select the best one suited to their stage. If an admin is not sure which advocacy type to pick yet, they can select the "Skip to stages >" option and fill it in later. The advocacy types that appear under the "Most Used" section are the most used advocacy types within your hub across all the challenges that have been created.

When an admin selects one of the advocacy types they are presented with the possible challenge stages that fit with that advocacy type as well as any "Suggested" challenge stages. 

If the admin decides to "Skip to stages >", they are presented with all available stages:

Note: If an admin decides to "Skip to stages >", the advocacy type will default to "None/Don't Report" unless the challenge stage has an advocacy type that is pre-selected. 

How do I filter and search?

When an admin reaches the Advocacy Picker, the "Search for an advocacy type" text box is automatically selected. This means the admin can start searching for an advocacy type right away if they know what they're looking for. 

An admin can also filter through the advocacy types by Activities. The Activities (Community, Content, Events, etc.) are also colour-coded to match the advocacy types. Admins will also have the ability to filter the advocacy types by Departments.

How can I request an advocacy type?

If an admin can't find an advocacy type and would like to request one, they can scroll to the bottom of the Advocacy Picker and click the "Request an advocacy type" link. This will open up an email to our Product Team and the admin can provide comments and suggestions. 

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