Automated Engagement Flows - Congratulatory Promotion Tweet


Implementing this flow will allow you to automatically provide public recognition of your Advcoate for being promoted. Once the Advocate confirms they would appreciate the shout out, in the form of a Tweet, and shares the correct handle to tag, the Tweet will populate from your account, without manual intervention .

How Does It Work?

This flow will be triggered from Salesforce. You will need to set up a checkbox on the Contact object in Salesforce and map this to a Custom Profile Field on the Influitive contact using the Salesforce Integration and the Automatic Customer Data Import functionality. When the box is checked, a value of 'true' will be mapped to the Influitive Contact.

In your AdvocateHub, you will create a challenge using an Answer Some Questions stage. This challenge will be very simple and will ask the Advocates 2 questions and we will show you exactly how to construct this challenge later in this article.

You will target this to be viewed by an Influitive user who has 'true' as the value in the Custom Profile Field you create.

Once the stage is completed by the Advocate, a tweet will automatically be sent from your Companies Twitter account, congratulating the Advocate's who got promoted. The tweet will look like the below where @test is the twitter handle of the Advocate.

Note: Influitive will not create any other Tweets other than the one that is triggered through this one challenge you set up.

Steps Required


1. You need to create a 'Twitter App'. This is very straightforward and can be done by logging into Twitter and navigating to

2. Don't get spooked by the word 'developer' in the URL. It is really simple and will take 5-10 minutes with Twitter walking you through each step. You can fill out all the details of the application however you like but we need to have '' as a callback URL like so:

3. Once your app has successfully been created you need to fetch the API Key and API Secret Key. These allow Influitive to connect to this Twitter app in order to create the Tweet. These are very easy to find when you open your Twitter app. You should see the tab labeled Keys and tokens. We just need the two string highlighted below:

Note: Twitter will review your app before they activate it. This can take a few hours.


You will need your Salesforce Admin to create a checkbox on the Contact object in Salesforce which should be checked when a customer is promoted. If you want to keep it simple, this is all the work that is required in Salesforce.

However, if the user does not complete or see the challenge after 30 days, it may seem strange for them to continue to see it after so much time has passed since the promotion occurred. To ensure the challenge disappears from view in your AdvocateHub after 30 days there is some additional work required on the Salesforce side.

You will need to set up some automation in Salesforce to uncheck that box after 30 days, this will then sync the update to Influitive and the targeting will then remove this challenge from the view of the user in question. You can do this by creating a date field in Salesforce that tracks when the checkbox is updated and then unchecks it using a workflow rule. Another option is to use the Process Builder in Salesforce to uncheck the box 30 after it has been checked.


In your AdvocateHub, you will create a challenge using an Answer Some Questions stage. This challenge will be very simple and will ask the Advocates 2 questions:

Question 1 - Ask if the Advocate would like to participate and have a tweet sent. There should be 2 potential answers (text must match the below exactly):

  • I'd love that!
  • I don't like to be in the spotlight

Question 2 - Asking the Advocate what handle they would like mentioned in their tweet (this would typically be their personal Twitter handle)

Your stage should look like this:

You also need to create a Custom Profile Field. You can call this something like 'Customer Promotion' or whatever makes the most sense to you. Then set the targeting of the challenge as below where 'Admin Promotion' is the name of the Custom Profile Field:

Finally, we need to map the checkbox in Salesforce to our newly created Custom Profile Field. This is really simple as can be done in your Salesforce integration, under Automatic Customer Data Import. Select your Custom Profile Field from the dropdown field on the left and then choose your checkbox from the dropdown on the right. It should look something like this:

You are nearly all set! You just need Influitive the following information:

  • The keys you just retrieved above from the Twitter app
  • The content of the Tweet you would prefer
  • The ID of your challenge which you can find in the URL of the challenge (highlighted in yellow below):

That is it! Once we enter the three pieces of data on our end, you are all set to activate this challenge!

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