Discussions: Solved Answer and Voting

In the Discussions > Category Management > Category Edit, you can now choose to allow users to cast their vote and mark a discussion reply as a solution (mark as a solved answer).

  1. Mark reply as a solution
  2. Voting 

Mark reply as a solution

The Solved Answers feature enables the peer support use case by allowing members to ask questions in the Discussions section, then choose the "best answer" or solution when one is provided by a fellow member of the community. The best answer is added to the original post, so others can easily find the solution in the future. Let's see it in action:

As shown above, a member who is posting a question simply has to click on the check mark icon below the reply which answers their question.

Once a question has been marked as answered, it will display the same checkbox icon to the left of the topic in the list of topics. See below for an example:

If you'd like to see the Support use case in action, take a look at the Influitive Community Support forum.


The voting feature can be used in any category where the goal is to share ideas or posts and have people vote on them. The most common use case is for feature requests or content ideas.

When the voting plugin is enabled in a category, every topic will no longer have "likes", but will instead have a voting button in addition to the number of votes receive.

Additionally, the topic list will show the number of votes a topic has received. You can find the number of votes beneath the topic name. See below for an example:

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