Multi-Hub Challenge Sharing

The multi-Hub Challenge Sharing allows administrators to clone and share challenges from across multiple Hub in one Family.

Note: Challenge Sharing is part of Multi-hub Suite which is a paid offering. Talk to your CSM or account manager to learn more!

Here are the steps to share challenges across the Hubs:

  1. Submit a request to to create a Family. Make sure to list all the Hub subdomain URLs that you would like to include in the Hub Family. This will enable sharing between them.
  2. In the Hub, choose the challenge that you would like to share with the other Hubs. Click the Pencil icon > Share with another Hub
  3. Search and select the Hubs to share this challenge with. Click Select all hubs to select all the Hubs in the Family. Once done, click Share challenge.

  4. Head over to the Administrator Notification Centre to know if the sharing was successful or not. If it fails, you can hit Retry.

  5. Once notification says successful,  login to receiving hub (give a few seconds to make sure it is received).
  6. Head over to the Admin View Dashboard Tab, then check the Items to Review box to see the n otification on S hared Challenges. Click Review to go to Challenges Tab and see the shared challenges.

  7. Observe  shared challenge.  See details on who shared (Created By) and from which hub (Shared from). Feel free to make any necessary edits of the challenge as normal.

Note: The targeting rules and challenge translations will be cloned to save you the trouble of setting them up again. Make sure to clear the rules and translations if it's meant for a different audience.

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