Automated Engagement Flows - Upsell/Cross-Sell

This flow helps augment Upsell and Cross-sell efforts through automation between Influitive and Salesforce. Advocates can "opt-in" to hearing more about a product/feature/service. The CSM & Sales rep associated with the Advocate's Salesforce account are then alerted about the interest through a Salesforce "Chatter" message, which identifies the product and tags the relevant users

How does it work?

In your AdvocateHub, you will have a challenge asking your Advocates if they would like to know more about a certain product of yours. Based on a positive answer to this question, we will capture this and we will fetch the Salesforce Account information of the Advocate who answered the question to find out the CSM and Sales Rep. associated with this account.

Using this information, we will contact Salesforce to automatically create a Chatter item which will include details of the Opportunity and mention (tag) the CSM and Sales Rep. so that they will be alerted to this on the Chatter feed as well as receiving an email notifying them of the Opportunity.

From here, you can use the Chatter item created to trigger a workflow rule in Salesforce that can extend this flow to create an Opportunity in Salesforce.

Note: For this flow to work, the Advocate completing the challenge must have their AdvocateHub account tied to Salesforce in order for us to find their Salesforce Account details.

Steps Required


Firstly, we need to make sure your  Salesforce for Referrals 2.0 integration is authenticated. If you are sending Leads to Salesforce you will likely have this done but best to double check. If you are sure you have done this you can skip to here in the instructions.

1. Go to Integrations > Salesforce for Referrals 2.0

2. Go to the Setup tab of the integration

3. Click the Re-Authenticate button

4. You will now have an opportunity to add your Salesforce ORG ID and Salesforce Environment which should be Production

5. Click Authenticate

6. Now you should see a Salesforce login page. Enter your Salesforce credentials and hit Log In.


Next, there are a few things we need to do in your AdvocateHub:

1. Create a Challenge Type specifically for these Upsell/Cross-Sell challenges. You can call it whatever makes the most sense to you but the same one must be used on any of these challenges in the future.

2. Create your challenge. You are free to make the challenge as you please but it must adhere to the below points:

  • Use the appropriate Challenge Type (as discussed above)
  • The challenge must have Questions Answered stage asking something along the lines of “Are you interested in hearing more about ‘x’” with a radio button selection or drop-down selection with Yes/No as the options
  • The Challenge Name should be set to the name you would like to be used in the Chatter item and possibly your Opportunity Name if you opt to continue the flow. For instance, in this example, your Chatter/Opportunity will be titled "Upsell - AdvocateAnywhere" (Challenge Name) and the Advocates will the see the challenge title “Would you like to know more…” (Headline) in their view.

Finally, there are some details we need from your Salesforce instance:

  • The User ID of the User who created the Chatter item. This would probably be the same user that creates system Chatter messages for you currently but can be any user with the permissions to create a Chatter message
  • The API Name of the fields containing the CSM and Sales Rep. tied to your Account object. These fields must be Lookup(User). We understand that you may use different naming conventions and we can work with that if that is the case but they must be Lookup(User) type fields.

In summary, what we need from you:

  • Challenge Type you created above
  • User ID of the user who you want the Chatter message to be created by
  • The API names of the CSM and Sales Rep. fields on your Account object (they should be CSM__c and Sales_Rep__c)

The resulting Chatter item will look something like this:

And as was mentioned earlier, you can use this Chatter item to trigger any workflow rules you wish to create in Salesforce!

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