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Move posts to a different Topic

Topics, especially longer ones have a tendency to veer off-topic. When this happens, you can select posts to move to a new topic or an existing topic on the subject. This helps keep each topic organized and "on-topic".

To do this, you can first head over to the Category that contains the post(s) that you would like to move.

  1. Click on the Settings (wrench icon) above the Timeline > Select Posts
  2. Select all the posts that you would like to move. Click "Select +below" to Select a post and all the posts below that.
  3. Once selected, on the right-hand side of the screen, you will have the option to move it to a New Topic or to move to an existing Topic
  4. Selecting Move to New Topic will prompt you to create a new topic name and select the Category:

  5. Selecting Move to the existing topic will give you the option to search for the topic to move it to:

Move Topics to a different Category

To move Topic Threads to a different Category, you can go to the Topic > Click on the Pencil Icon > Select a different Category > Hit the Checkmark when you're done:

Please note that only Administrators can move topics to another category. Advocates and Authors/Custom Roles can only move the categories for Topics that they've created.

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