Automated Engagement Flows - CSM Intro

Implementing this flow will allow you to easily create relationships between your customers and their CSM. Using SFDC Custom Profile Fields, you're able to target a personalized introductory challenge to active clients of each CSM. If CSMs change, a new challenge will appear, introducing them to their new contact. This flow can also be used for Account Managers, Sales Reps, or Consultants.

How Does It Work?

We will take advantage of existing functionality that is a part of our Salesforce integration for this flow. Using the Automatic Customer Data Import, we can map fields on a Contact or Account object in Salesforce to a Custom Profile Field in your AdvocateHub. We can then use the value of the Custom Profile Field to automatically unlock challenges for your Advocates through our targeting functionality.

Steps Required

1. Create a Custom Profile Field in your hub and call it 'CSM' or whatever makes sense to you. You can quickly do this by following the instructions in the below article:

Custom Profile Field

2. If you do not already have a Salesforce custom field on your Account object for 'CSM', create one. Again, this is a simple, quick step and you can check out the Salesforce link below for instructions on how to do this:

Create Custom Fields

3. Now we need to map these fields. Go to your Salesforce integration in your AdvocateHub and under the Settings tab, expand the Automatic Customer Data Import section.

4. Click Add Mapping.

5. On the left-hand side, choose the 'CSM' field we created in Step 1 and on the right-hand side, choose the 'CSM' field you created in Salesforce in Step 2. It should look like the below:

6. Next time the import runs, which is once per day (usually every morning at around 3am ET), the value of the Account-CSM field in Salesforce will now be populated on the Advocates profile like the below:

7. Now your challenge will be automatically unlocked for Advocates who have 'Leona' as their CSM in this example! 

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