Updating ROI Values

Update ROI Values

You can update the ROI Values displayed on the ROI Table and the ROI Dashboard by clicking on 'Go to ROI Settings'. Alternatively, you can also click on the cog wheel and click into 'Settings'.


On the Settings page, navigate to the ROI Values by expanding 'Advocate Program' and clicking into ROI Values.

The main table shows each Acts of Advocacy Type and its default ROI Value. For example, we see that "Attend a Webinar" as a default value of $50. If we wanted to change this value or would like to see a suggestion on how to calculate the ROI value, click on Acts of Advocacy Type.

In this example, clicking on "Attend a Webinar" shows a description of the calculation, the formula and a section for you to update the value. If we want to update the ROI value of attending a webinar from $50 to a $100 we would enter the value, select if this should be applied only to future values or retroactively only. And click on Save

These updated values will be reflected on the ROI Table and the ROI Dashboard.

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