ROI Dashboard

ROI Dashboard gives you a new way to look at your program’s ROI that compliments the ROI View. The Values you see in this dashboard are calculated using the default values that you set in the ROI Settings Page.

Value Generated per Month

This report gives you a bird’s eye view of where your program ROI has come from over the last 12 months. You can hover over the different colored areas to see where the bulk of your ROI came from and how it’s changed month to month based on the campaigns and challenges you’ve run. If you feel like certain Advocacy Types are overrepresented or underrepresented based on the value they bring, consider updating the default ROI Values to be in line with your expectations. 

Highest Value Experiences, Challenges, and Advocates.

These 3 reports will look at the top performing items in each category broken down by the Advocacy Types they are generating. Remember, higher ROI does not necessarily mean higher user engagement, these numbers can be skewed by high value activities such as Referrals. To measure the performance without ROI, go to the Hub Health Dashboard.

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