Automated Engagement Flows - Custom Salesforce Field Mapping

Note: The ability to utilize this functionality comes at an additional cost. Please contact your CSM to learn more.

Using this flow will allow you to gather valuable information that your Advocates are supplying in AdvocateHub and sync this information directly to their Salesforce Contact record. Examples of this flow include collecting personal advocate information that your employees may use to surprise and delight, storing AdvocateHub response data for further targeting and personalization, or even improving your SFDC data cleanliness.

How does it work?

Influitive will create a Google Sheet for you and will grant you permissions to edit this Google Sheet. This Google Sheet will contain just two columns:

  • Influitive Response ID
  • Salesforce Field Name

You will enter the Influitive Response ID from the question in your challenge that you would like to map to Salesforce and in the same row, enter the corresponding Salesforce Field Name. A webhook will be triggered when an Advocate answers one of the questions you have entered an Influitive Response ID for, it will read the Google Sheet and see which Salesforce field you want the response sent to and will complete that action.

Note: This functionality will only map to the Contact object in Salesforce at this time.

Note: If you are asking for a date to be returned it must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD otherwise Salesforce will reject it and the rest of the questions in that stage so it is import to follow this syntax.

Note: We recommend making the character length of the Salesforce field the max length (255 characters). If an answer goes over that amount the flow will fail for that user.

Steps Required

Firstly, we need to make sure your  Salesforce for Referrals 2.0 integration is authenticated. If you are sending Leads to Salesforce you will likely have this done but best to double check. If you are sure you have done this you can skip to here in the instructions.

1. Go to Integrations > Salesforce for Referrals 2.0

2. Go to the Setup tab of the integration

3. Click the Re-Authenticate button

4. You will now have an opportunity to add your Salesforce ORG ID and Salesforce Environment which should be Production

5. Click Authenticate

6. Now you should see a Salesforce login page. Enter your Salesforce credentials and hit Log In.

Next, we need to retrieve the Influitive Response ID.

1. Login to the hub as Administrator and switch to Advocate View

2. Locate the challenge you are wanting to map response to Salesforce from and click on it. At this point, you should be seeing the list of questions in the challenge. It should look something like this:

3. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect if using Google Chrome, Inspect Element in Firefox, the F12 key if using MS Edge or Internet Explorer. This will open the developer tools in the browser.

4. If you click the select button which looks like the icon highlighted below and should be located in the top left-hand corner of the developer tools:

5. Once you have clicked this, navigate back up to the page and you and click on the first question in the challenge. You should see the panel below change to focus on the area of the page you have clicked on which is what we want to focus on. In the panel at the bottom, you should see something like this:

6. You can see in the first-row id="question_305". The number is what is important here, 305 is the Influitive Response ID for the first question in this challenge, 306 for the second question in the challenge etc.

The responses are always going to be unique and will be different for other challenges.

7. Now add your Response ID to the next row available in your Google Sheet and the corresponding Salesforce Field Name (use the API field name). You should be left with something looking like this:

9. You are done! Next time an Advocate completes this stage, their answer to the question in Influitive will be mapped automatically to the Salesforce specified!

Here is a video which visually walks through the steps above if you had trouble following along!

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