ROI View


The ROI view lists all the Acts of Advocacy generated by your advocates and helps estimate your ROI. There are many new ways you can use this view to understand what’s happening in your community. Note: Allow up to 15 minutes before changes are added and reflected in the ROI View.

ROI View


The table shows you a list of every Act of Advocacy, respecting the filters you’ve set. You can filter to see specific Advocacy Types; different time periods; experience or campaign; or the source. The Total ROI Value in the top right will update as you change the filters, so you can see ROI generated by a specific advocate, group, advocacy type, etc.

Date Filters

You can also select date filters in the ROI view for quick and easy timeframe selection

Starting March 26th, we've added the following new preset date filters.


The table will also include a column called Source that will link back to where the advocacy happened, when possible. Clicking on the "Source" column heading will allow you to sort the list alphabetically by source.  

There are currently 4 possible Sources of Advocacy:

  • Challenges
  • Discussions
  • Referrals
  • Manually Logged

Calculating ROI

The ROI View can help you estimate the value you are generating from your community. Here’s the basic formula for calculating ROI*:

Before you can start feeling confident in the ROI you see, customize the ROI values for your company by going to Settings > Advocate Program > ROI Values. We’ve provided suggestions to begin with, as well as examples on how to think about and calculate the value of each Act of Advocacy.

You can and should customize these values so they map to how your company perceives the value of actions that your advocates are taking. If you’re having trouble deciding on an appropriate value, use an estimate or set it to $0.

When setting default ROI values, you have the option to apply those values in bulk to:

  • All Advocacy of this type from all time
  • All Advocacy of this type from all time, except those which you’ve manually changed
  • Only Advocacy of this type from now on

Once you’ve gone through setting up your default values, head over to the ROI Tab. Immediately you should see the estimated ROI of your members’ activities based on the values you had set. The Total ROI Value in the top right will update as you change the filters, so you can see ROI generated by a specific member, group, advocacy type, etc.

Important: This is only an estimate and does not cover the total value you may be getting from your community; it is only taking into account the Acts of Advocacy. There are many other sources of value that may not be captured here.

Accounting for the impact on your organizational goals

Organizational goals are general targets executives set for your company. They guide your day-to-day job and your expected outputs. When calculating the value your Program provides to the company, it is important to think beyond the calculations provided in the ROI View and consider contributions to these organizational goals.

Assuming you have chosen use cases and actions that align with organizational goals, the Use Case reporting Dashboards can easily track how engagement in your Program is impacting goals, such as

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Growth

Finally, to complete your ROI Calculation, you’ll need to estimate Cost from the formula above, adding up the following costs:

  • Rewards and Program Benefits
  • Time invested in running the program
  • Influitive Platform License

ROI Actions

Logging Activity

The "Log Activity" action lets you record advocacy activity outside of the hub. For example, you may want to give points to your customers for attending an event or webinar or log a customer referral that took place outside your AdvocateHub campaign.

After selecting this batch action, you can fill out the below modal with details about any offline advocacy activity.

  • Activity Name* - The name of the activity you are tracking. Your advocates will see this activity on their profile feed.
  • Date* - The date you'd like to record this event.
  • Advocates* - The member(s) you would like to log this activity for.
  • Advocacy Type* - Select which category this activity falls under.
  • Channel - You can select an associated channel for your logged activity. Any points awarded in this case will be applied to your channel leaderboard.
  • Points - You have the option of awarding points to your advocates.
  • Description - An internal description of the activity. Advocates do not see this.

Exporting the data

Exporting your Advocacy records is useful if you want to share them with stakeholders inside your organization or customize your own ROI calculation.

To export the contents of the table to a CSV, click the export button. Your export will be prepared and appear in the Notification Area in the navigation bar with a link for you to download. The export will respect the filters and time frame you set in the table. For example, if you’re looking to export for a specific challenge, experience, advocacy type etc., you can adjust your filters to do so. Within the CSV you will find many of the details listed in the table including a preview of the Content and the ROI value.

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