Advocates tab: Advanced filtering

What is Advanced Filtering in the Advocate Table?

Marketers use Influitive to motivate their customer advocates when providing social proof to their buyers. The Advocate tab is used to manage customer relationships that contribute to new deals, upsells, and renewals.

The goal of Advanced Filters is to realize the vision of providing a simplified and easy-to-use view of the Advocate Table. With Advanced Filtering you can build a customizable table of advocate data and interactions. This data can now be filtered, sorted, and exported.

Where can I find the Advanced Filtering tools?

The Advanced Filtering tools can be found within the Advocates page. Upon clicking on the “Filters” button, you will be presented with the new UI friendly Targeting Editor that can be used to display Advocates that meet the targeting rules.

What can I do with Advanced Filtering?

You can use the Advanced Filtering tool to create targeting rules and view a list of advocates that meet those rules. As a result, you can then complete any of the actions provided by the Actions drop down.

By using include and exclude rules, you can filter right down to the advocates you want to interact with.

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