Retention Dashboard

We've designed and developed a Retention Dashboard of the Reports page to provide you with the best top-level metrics for your Hub.

This article describes what you'll see retention, as well as why we've decided to make this change.

This article will cover:

Average Weekly Retention Rate and 'Cohorts'

How to Read These Charts: 
Average Weekly Retention Rate shows the percentage of advocates who were retained per week in the time period selected from the dashboard. An advocate is considered retained in each week if they have logged in that week.

The Cohorts table (on the right), shows how many advocates joined each week. Starting with the Dashboard Filter 'Date' we see that the 'past 12 weeks' of information was requested. Reading the Cohorts Table, we see that 12 cohorts were selected (there are 12 rows in the table) and 12 bars in the chart.

The table shows that 5 advocates joined during the week of Nov 26th, and 19 avocates during the week of Nov 19th etc

Reading the Average Weekly Retention Rate chart, we see that the first bar shows the number of advocates who joined, had a session in the week that they joined (Week 0). The second bar shows the percentage of joined advocates that had a session one week after they joined (Week1) , etc.

This chart shows the retention rate of a cohort by joined week. The Cohort table shows how many advocates were included in a cohort based on their join date.

Hovering the mouse over the bars shows the Week Number and the Retention Rate for that week.

Retention Trend for Selected Week

This chart shows the trend of retention, to show if retention is increasing or decreasing. The dashboard filters are defaulted to Week 8, and therefore the trend will chart out week 8 retention. The filters can be updated for other weeks to be charted.

"Why Did You Leave?" Email Responses

This chart shows the breakdown of Email Responses from the ‘Why Did You Leave?” advocate survey.

Click the bar to see a list of the the advocates and click the Advocates name to drill down to their individual profiles on the Hub. Also displayed the is date  and time the survey was submitted.

Recent "Why did you Leave?" Email Response Comments

This chart shows the comments advocates entered into the ‘Why Did You Leave?” advocate survey. You can use this information to identify how to make your hub more engaging for your Advocates

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