Referrals 2.0: Exporting Referrals

The Export Referrals function for Referrals 2.0 allows you to download a CSV or Excel spreadsheet of all referrals for a particular campaign.

To export referrals for a campaign, do the following:

1. In Admin View, navigate to the Referrals tab

2. Click on Export Referrals

3. Select the Campaign you want to export Referrals for from the dropdown.

When your export starts, you’ll receive a notification and be able to check on its status in the Notification Centre. When your export is complete, you’ll be able to download a CSV or XLS file directly from the Notification Centre or by email.

The CSV file that is exported will contain the following information:

  • Campaign ID
  • Referral ID
  • Advocate ID
  • Advocate Details (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Title, etc.)
  • Referral Details from Campaign Form Fields (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, etc.)
  • Current Milestone
  • Referral Date
  • Last Activity Date
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