Challenge Activity Daily Digest

The Challenge Activity daily digest enables you to stay updated on Challenges that interest you the most, with a daily email notification sent summarizing recent completion of the Challenge. Forward this email to other departments to keep everyone informed on Advocate responses.

Following Challenges

To follow a Challenge, go to the Challenge listing page and click the globe icon in the bottom right corner.

That's all it takes! Once you’ve successfully followed a challenge, the colour of the globe icon will change to red, and a message will appear in the top left corner of your screen confirming that the challenge has been followed.

When you have new challenge activity on your followed challenges, you will receive an email similar to the one below, with a list of Challenges, Advocate names and profiles. The email will summarize all the new activity from the past day.

Clicking on the Challenge name will take you directly to the Challenge summary page, where you will be able to review the full response. Clicking on the Advocate name, will take you to their profiles. 

Unfollowing Challenges

On the Challenge listing page, click the globe icon again to unfollow the Challenge. A message will appear on the top left hand of your screen confirming that you have successfully unfollowed the Challenge.

If you are currently following any other challenges, the Challenge Activity digest will continue to be sent to you without updates on for this Challenge.

If you are not following any other challenges, you will no longer receive the Challenge Activity digest

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