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What is Login Bonus?

Login Bonus is a gamification mechanism to incentivize your advocates to login to your AdvocateHub on a daily basis. Advocates can earn points by claiming their daily bonus, and must return every 24 hours in order to continue their streak.

How can Login Bonus help your hub?

By incentivizing Advocates to return to your Hub on a daily basis, you encourage them to build a habit of regularly checking the Hub. Combined with a campaign or fresh Challenge and Discussion content the Login Bonus can quickly reinforce a habit of regular engagement with the Hub.

How do I setup Login Bonus?

From your name dropdown, go to Settings > Advocate Program > Login Bonus to configure your Login Bonus settings.

From this page, you can:

  • Turn the Daily Login Bonus off and on
  • Change the number of days that the streak will last for (minimum 3 days, maximum 30 days)
  • Adjust the number of points that will be awarded per day
  • Save any changes

Note: The points awarded to Advocates are cumulative (i.e., if an Advocate completes the streak in the image above, he/she will earn a total of 30 points by the end of Day 5)

Once you’re done configuring your Login Bonus settings, you can toggle the On button to make Login Bonus available to your Advocates.

What does an Advocate see?

When an Advocate logs into an AdvocateHub with Login Bonus enabled, they will see the Login Bonus banner with a “Claim Daily Bonus” button underneath the current day.  

After clicking the Claim Daily Bonus button, the points will automatically be awarded to the Advocate, after a page refresh, the Login Bonus banner will disappear after refresh.

The Login Bonus Bar after the day’s bonus has been collected

A minimum of 3 bars and a maximum of 5 bars in the Login Bonus banner will appear at one time, even if there are more than 5 days in the streak.

Note: The colour of the Login Bonus banner will match the theme of your hub!

What happens when an Advocate misses a day?

Their progress will reset, and they will restart from the first day.

What happens when an Advocate completes the streak?

Their progress will reset, and they will restart from the first day.

When does the Login Bonus reset each day?

The Login Bonus resets at 12am UTC.

Can I report on Login Bonus?

There are two ways to report on the Login Bonus.

The first is from the Admin Dashboard and Activity Feed Export.

Filtering your Admin Dashboard activity feed by "Streak Step Submitted", you will find the event labeled as "Continued a login streak" (as seen below).

When exporting the Activity Feed by clicking the "Export Data" button pictured above, you will be able to filter by "Streak Step Submitted" to export only these events (seen below). You can also filter the exported spreadsheet by the same value.

The second option is via the Reports feature in your Hub.

  1. From the Reports Tab, click on the Referrals page
  2. In the Total Received Referrals tile, click the overflow menu button and click Explore From Here
  3. Remove all columns that are currently added to the Explore
  4. Add the following columns
    1. Contacts - First Name
    2. Events - Count
    3. Events - Occured Date (Pivot by this column)
  5. Add the following filters:
    1. Events - Occured Date (optional)
    2. Events - Type (Filter by streak_step_submitted)
  6. Check the Totals checkbox
  7. Click the Run button.
  8. Any non-null values in the Events count represents a day where the Advocate/Contact has claimed their Daily Login Bonus.

Why do some of my event counts have values greater than 1? Are Advocates collecting their daily login bonus more than 1 time?

Nope, it’s just two people who have the same first name. To avoid this problem, instead of using the Contact - First Name column, you can use the Contact - Email column.

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