Acts of Advocacy

In this article, we will learn about what Acts of Advocacy are, their purpose, how to use them, and how they relate to Use Cases.

In this article:

What are Acts of Advocacy?

Acts of Advocacy are specific actions that target Members are asked to participate in and earn points for completing. They may be connected to Challenge Stages or other actions, such as replying to a Discussions Topic or submitting a referral.

In the section below, you will find all of the Acts of Advocacy available in AdvocateHub organized into Use Cases.

What is a Use Case?

A Use Case is a list of actions defining the interactions between a Member and your program to achieve an organizational goal.

Use Case Acts of Advocacy

Made an Introduction to a Prospect

Generate an MQL

Submit a Referral

Social Referral - Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Online Reviews Submit an online review
User-generated content

Contribute to a Case Study

Contribute to an eBook

Contribute to a Blog Post

Give a testimonial

Social sharing

Follow account on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Social post - LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter

Social Media - Other

Customer References Join a Reference Call
Cross-sell and Upsell

Generate an Upsell Lead

Generated a Cross-Sell Lead

Product Feedback and Adoption

Give Product Feedback

Participate in Research Study

Join a Customer Advisory Board

Adopt a New Feature

Participate in a Product Beta

Event participation

Attend an Event

Speak at an Event

Host a webinar

Attend a webinar

Training and Education

Complete Onboarding

Complete Product Training

Consume Educational Content

Complete Educational Certification

Community participation

Posted a New Discussion Topic

Reply to Discussion Topic

Participate in an External Community


Recruit an advocate

Give Community Feedback

Peer Networking Support other customers
Profile Data Collection and Feedback

Complete a survey

Persona Development

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Give Company Feedback

Peer Support

Posted a New Discussion Topic

Marked a reply as a correct solution

Reply to Discussion Topic

Participate in an External Community

Reporting on Acts of Advocacy

Each Use Case has a related Dashboard, allowing you to conveniently track the impact of the Use Cases and the related Acts of Advocacy.

Learn more about these Dashboards in the Standard and Use Case Dashboards Overview article.

Important Note about Challenge Stages and Acts of Advocacy

When configuring the Stage of a Challenge, be sure to assign the most accurate Advocacy Type. Only assign the Advocacy Type to the Stage where the action is considered to have taken place. Adding the same Advocacy type to more than one stage in a Challenge will inflate your reporting data.

Advocacy Types and Associated API Codes

If you are using the Influitive API to log Acts of Advocacy, you will need to use the proper API Code for the AoA. Refer to the table below for the correct values.

Advocacy Name API Code
(None / Don't Report) N/A
Fun fun
Participate in a Product Beta participate_in_product_beta
Contribute to a Blog Post contribute_to_blog_post
Contribute to a Case Study contribute_to_case_study
Participate in an External Community participate_in_external_community
Complete Educational Certification complete_educational_certification
Attend an Event attend_event
Speak at an Event speak_at_event
Give Product Feedback give_product_feedback
Submit an Online Review submit_online_review
Join a Reference Call join_reference_call
Submit a Referral referral_submitted
Social Media - Other social_media_other
Complete a Survey complete_survey
Give a Testimonial give_testimonial
Complete Product Training complete_product_training
Attend a Webinar attend_webinar
Share Content on Social Media share_content_on_social_media
Follow you on Twitter follow_you_on_twitter
Reply to a Discussion Topic reply_to_discussion_topic
Generate an Upsell Lead generate_upsell_lead
Generated a Cross-Sell Lead generated_cross_sell_lead
Complete Onboarding complete_onboarding
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) customer_satisfaction_score
Net Promoter Score (NPS) net_promoter_score
Support Other Customers support_other_customers
Nurture a Prospect nurture_prospect
Made an Introduction to a Prospect make_introduction_to_prospect
Contribute to an eBook contribute_to_ebook
Follow you on Facebook follow_you_on_facebook
Follow you on LinkedIn follow_you_on_linkedin
Follow you on Instagram follow_you_on_instagram
Recruit an Advocate recruit_advocate
Host a Webinar host_webinar
Generate an MQL generate_mql
Persona Development persona_development
Consume Educational Content consume_educational_content
Give Community Feedback give_community_feedback
Participate in a Research Study participate_in_research_study
Join a Customer Advisory Board join_customer_advisory_board
Give Company Feedback give_company_feedback
Posted a New Discussions Topic post_new_discussion_topic
Adopt a New Feature adopt_new_feature
Social Referral Facebook share_referral_on_facebook
Social Referral Linkedin share_referral_on_linkedin
Social Referral Twitter share_referral_on_twitter
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