Batch Messaging

Covered in this article:

  1. Sending batch messages
  2. Formatting and personalizing messages with markdown and merge fields

Sending Batch messages to members

Please Note: 1. Locked members are not able to receive messages. 2. You may only message up to 200 members at a time.

Batch messaging allows Administrators to send the same message to multiple members at once. All messages that are sent will be sent in a one-on-one conversation. If no previous conversation exists with the member, a new conversation will be created, but if a previous conversation exists with the member, the new message will be sent in the same conversation.

  1. In the Advocate Tab, select the advocates that you want to message.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down menu.
  3. Type your message in the text button.
  4. Click the Send Message button.
  5. A notification will appear in the Notification Center that will inform you of the progress of the job. 

Formatting and personalizing messages with markdown and merge fields

To personalize messages for Advocates, use merge fields to automatically insert an Advocate‚Äôs name, company, or other information.

By selecting the blue merge fields link, you will open a window that lists all possible merge fields. You can then copy a field that you'd like to use and paste it into your message. 

Example merge field list:

You can also add a bit of flavour or clean up the presentation of your messages, you can use markdown formatting to add images, style text, and embed links. The formatting used in the screenshot above would appear in their messaging inbox as below (the formatting is also preserved in the email notification for messages):

The following markdown applies to messages sent between members and administrators:

  • Bold Text: **PUT BOLD TEXT HERE**
  • Italic Text: *PUT ITALIC TEXT HERE*
  • Links: [link text here](
  • Images: ![Image Title](

Please Note: It is not possible to use markdown to create lists or headlines in messages.

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