Saving and Sharing Reports / Dashboards

Important: If you do not see the option to save your custom report as a Look then you do not have the Premium Reporting package in your plan. Please contact your CSM or to learn more.

In this article, we will show you how to save and share a custom report, which you have created in the Reports section of your AdvocateHub.

After you have created your report, you can save it by clicking on the gear icon near the top of the page, by the Run button. From there, choose either..

  • "Save as Look" - this will allow you to save the report in a list of reports
  • "Save to Dashboard" - this will allow you save the report to a Dashboard. It will appear as the visualization you selected when creating the report.

From there you will be given the option to save your report to a Personal or Group list or dashboard.

  • Personal - This list / dashboard is only available to you.
  • Group - This list / dashboard is visible to all administrators in your AdvocateHub.

You will also see a "Shared" option, but this can be ignored as it contains default reports which Influitive has placed in your Hub. You will not be able to save in this area, but that's okay because you don't need to.

Note regarding Dashboards: If you do not have a Dashboard, you may create a Personal or Shared Dashboard by first choosing the desired option on the left side, then clicking the New Dashboard button on the bottom left.

Going forward you'll be able to find your saved reports by clicking on the Spaces icon on the Reports main page and clicking either "Personal" or "Shared" from the menu.

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