Advocates tab: Filtering, Sorting, and Batch Actions

Managing columns on the advocates list

By clicking on the Columns button on the Advocates tab in Admin View, you will be able to choose from a number of options, including Advocate Details, Custom Profile Fields, CRM / marketing automation IDs, and even responses to a challenge question.

Whatever you choose, the values for that choice will be added to the advocate list. If you'd like to clear your choices and start from the default state, simply click the Columns button again and click the "Reset" link next to the "Active Columns" heading.

Filtering the advocates list

In addition to adding columns, you have many options for filtering your advocates list. This feature is valuable if you are looking to look over, share or export information about a specific subset of advocates. Filters allow you to easily access information about advocates relevant to your current task.

At the top of the Advocates list, you will find the filters tab. The filters here will work the same way as the targeting in any challenge, group, channel, etc. For a more in depth description of how to use these filters, please refer to the Challenge Targeting Overview and Advocate Tab: Advanced Filtering article. 

Saving and sharing views of the advocates list

If you have create a view you'd like to save for re-use or for sharing with another administrator of your Hub, click on the link icon (pointed out below to generate a URL which, if pasted into the browser later, will populate the columns you have currently selected.

Step 1: Click the link button

Step 2: Copy and save the URL for later use

Note: This link will only work for people who have admin access to your Hub. To share your data with others who do not have access to the Hub, refer to the section below on exporting the advocate list.

Exporting the advocates list

If you have created a view of your advocates list using the columns and filters discussed above, you can export the current state to CSV and XLS files. To do so, click on the Actions button, and choose "Export All" (seen above).

Your export files will appear in the "Action Centre" of your toolbar (shown below) once the request has been processed.

Note: Wondering why your export is so small? Ensure that you have selected (or cleared) all of the filters to ensure they include all of the advocates you'd like to export. If you want to export everyone, ensure all filters are cleared.

Performing bulk actions on advocates

Currently, the following actions can be performed on advocates in bulk / batches:

  • Send a message
  • Lock account
  • Give reward 
  • Log activity

To perform your action, select the advocate(s) by checking the box beside their name and choosing the desired action under the Actions button.

Checking the box at the top of the advocates list (pointed out below) will select everyone on the current page only.

If you wish to select all pages of advocates, scroll to the bottom after you've checked the box above. You will find the option to select all of the advocates who meet the criteria of your filters (or every advocate if you have no filters).

Send a message

To send multiple advocates the same message, you can use the "send a message" bulk tool. 

Lock account

To lock multiple advocate accounts at once, you can use this bulk-lock advocates function.

Give Reward

To bulk-award advocates a reward, you must first select which reward you'd like to give, then select the redemption method.

Log Activity Batch Action

The "Log Activity" action lets you record advocacy activity outside of the hub. For example, you may want to give points to your customers for attending an event or webinar, or log a customer referral that took place outside your AdvocateHub campaign.

After selecting this batch action, you can fill out the below modal with details about any offline advocacy activity.

  • Activity Name* - The name of the activity you are tracking. Your advocates will see this activity on their profile feed.
  • Date* - The date you'd like to record this event on.
  • Advocacy Type* - Select which category this activity falls under.
  • Channel - You can select an associated experience for your logged activity. Any points awarded in this case will be applied to the your channel leaderboard.
  • Points - You have the option of awarding points to your advocates.
  • Description - An internal description of the activity. Advocates do not see this.

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