Campaign Manager Overview

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is a coordinated series of challenges with a theme or focus that is designed to achieve one or more core success metrics. Campaigns provide a holistic view of experiences, challenges, stages, and targeting.

All campaigns in Influitive are located under the Campaigns tab. 

What is Campaign Manager?

The Campaign Manager allows admins to customize, find the status and performance of a campaign - all in one place from a dedicated interface in the Campaigns tab. Friction points in customizing and publishing a campaign are greatly reduced as the Campaign Manager visualizes the entire campaign, presenting only the fields that need to be edited, and enabling targeting of the campaign in a single step! The entire campaign can be published with one click. The marketer saves a lot of time with our Campaign manager as they avoid manually building out challenges that align with the success strategy of their Influitive.

Overview of the Campaigns tab 

Start off by clicking into the Campaigns tab shown below. 

You'll then be directed to a view similar to below:

From this page you can see three tabs: In my hub, Store and Completed. If you don't see the Completed tab, no worries, you just don't have a campaign in the expired state to populate that tab yet. As soon as one of your published campaigns expires, it will be put into the Completed tab. 

Now we're going to go over the Store and In my hub tab in detail.

Campaign Store

In this tab you can preview all free and premium campaigns. If you are a Campaign Content Library subscriber, you are able to download both free and premium campaigns into your In my hub tab. If you are not subscribed you will be able to download only the free campaigns. Should you want a premium campaign, you can request access for it in the preview view and your Influitive CSM will be in touch with you! Once you hit download on a campaign, be sure to refresh your page to be able to see it in your In my hub tab. 

In my hub

The In my hub tab contains all of the campaigns you have downloaded from the Store tab, where each row represents a campaign and it's associated information. A single campaign row like the one below contains 2 columns of information and 2 actions:

The 2 columns are:

  1. Campaign Info, which contains campaign related information:
    1. Total number of challenges, badges and points
    2. Outcomes the campaign is trying to drive such as NPS, Testimonial etc.
  2. Status, which provides more information about their state:
    1. Campaign state is “Needs Setup” or “Published”
    2. The duration for which the campaign is running
    3. Who the campaign is targeted to

The two actions available for each campaign is to Edit the campaign and Publish/Unpublish. The next section contains more details about these actions.

Setup a Campaign

To setup a campaign that is in your hub, click on the edit button. Doing so will open up a page that has more details on the campaign structure, the challenges, points and badges it contains, and the ability to target the campaign. A campaign’s setup page looks like this:

There are 2 steps to set up a campaign:

  • Step 1: Customize your campaign 
  • Step 2: Target your advocates for this campaign
Step 1: Customize your campaign

Admins can review a campaign’s structure to understand how advocates will experience the campaign, how new challenges unlock as an advocate completes available challenges, and individual challenges themselves.

A campaign can contain one or more “levels”, which are sets of challenges. For campaigns with more than 1 level, the challenges that need to be completed by an advocate to unlock the next level are listed in between. An advocate goes through an entire campaign by progressing through levels.

Clicking on a Section expands it to reveal all the challenges within that section. Within the section, the challenges contain a Preview link to see the challenge from the advocates point of view, as well as an Edit link that will bring you to the actual challenge page so you can make edits. 

Admins can Customize a campaign by clicking on Edit. When you click Edit, the challenge page will open up, where you can make easy edits to the challenge's copyheadline and image. You can change the Stage type by adding the stage that you would like, and deleting the original stage.  

You may be wondering, what's with all the pound symbols? Well that's our Markdown Syntax, aka how we control font size, spacing and bullet points. Simply click the Markdown Syntax link below the challenge description (indicated by the red box) to open up a pop-up that will show you exactly how to use it!

Step 2: Target your advocates for the campaign

Targeting a campaign is very similar to targeting a challenge. On the Campaign Setup page, targeting is listed as Step 2 and targeting rules can be added to the entire campaign.

Once the campaign’s targeting has been setup and is saved, the main Campaigns page is also updated with the targeting information as shown below.

Saving, Scheduling, and Publishing

Campaigns can be saved at any point, even if you haven’t finished editing the entire campaign and want to finish it up later. Simply hit ‘Save’ at the top of the challenge page and continue making changes or return later. If you are ready to publish the entire campaign, hit Save and Publish.

You can also set the duration for which the campaign is live while publishing the campaign. Hitting ‘Save and Publish’ will provide the option to set duration as per below:

After the campaign has been published, the status on the main campaign page is updated to “Published”.

Please note: 

1. Once the Campaign is Completed/Expired, it will appear on the Completed Tab under Campaigns. The Experience Card that hosts this Campaign will be expired and all the challenges included in the Campaign will not be accessible any longer. You can't re-published completed/expired challenges. You would need to re-download the same Campaign from the store and publish that to start the campaign again.

2. When you publish a campaign, it will publish the challenges associated with the campaign. Additionally, if the campaign has an experience attached to it, it will also publish the experience. We do not recommend publishing individual challenges and experiences that are tied to a campaign on its own as this can potentially cause issues within the campaign itself. 

3. If you would like to edit the publish or hide date after the Campaign is published, you would need to quickly unpublish the Campaign, change the date and re-publish it. It will have no effect on the members’ progress and they can pick up where they left off.

4. Looking to remove or delete an unused or archived Campaign? Please contact

Reporting on a campaign?

Reporting on a campaign can be done in one of 2 ways:

  1. A real-time chart style view of the campaign’s performance
  2. Export CSV

In order to view a snapshot of the campaign’s performance in real time, simply click on any campaign’s row to bring up the reporting slide-out containing the campaign’s performance.

The slide-out contains a bar chart view of the campaign’s performance so far broken up by the key “Acts of Advocacy” and the number of advocates that have completed each act.

At the bottom of the slide-out is also an “Export Responses” button which triggers emails for every challenge within the campaign as an export.

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