Referrals 2.0 - Q&A

Do you have questions about Referrals 2.0? Unsure how to get your new campaign started, or how to get your Referrals flowing? All your questions will be answered here!
Video Transcript:
Q. 1
What is Referrals 2.0?
Referrals 2.0, or Advanced Referrals, is the new and improved Referrals feature that allows advocates and basically anyone to submit referrals and also track how they’re doing. When Referrals 2.0 is activated in a Hub, a new tab appears for Advocates called “Referrals”. Clicking on this tab shows a nice and simple Referral campaign where anyone can submit a referral.
Q. 2
So, how can our customers get Referrals 2.0? When will it be available?
Referrals 2.0 is already available for all of our customers! If you would like to get the new Referrals, reach out to your coach!
Q. 3
How far along should a customer’s referral program be in order to make them a good candidate for Referrals 2.0?
It really doesn’t matter how far along you are with your Hub. If your hub is new, you’ll start on new system right off the bat, it’s way better than the old outdated one. If you are currently using the old Referrals system, we recommend switching over to 2.0: it has improved analytics, milestone tracking, and other benefits that allow you to generate more quality referrals.
Q. 4
What are your tips for transitioning existing referrals from 1.0 to 2.0? Do you lose all of the current referrals that are in progress? 
We recommend starting fresh when you move to referrals 2.0. Your Leads collected with 1.0 will not go away, and will stay in their respective challenges. We recommend you finish those challenges and close them out as soon as possible. If you would like to individually migrate Leads from 1.0 to 2.0, there is a process in place, but you’ll need to contact your coach for details.
Q. 5
What ROI metrics do you look for?
With new Referrals 2.0, every lead in Salesforce will get associated with unique referral ID and we’d be able to track the lead as it progress to an opportunity. We’d also be able to track that in VIP. With our new Reporting, we can also see how many referrals were submitted, and how many opportunities were closed. So for ROI, we’d look into how the funnel is doing.
How do you calculate ROI when you are a B2C company that does not sell direct?
We still recommend that you use our new referrals tool for B2C.
We can generate referrals and track them through an ecommerce site. We are actually working with customer that is integrated with shopify, but we can track this through on Influitive’s side
We also have a help article for B2C, so check it out!
Q. 7
Can you walk me through a scenario involving a referral that comes from someone not in the hub? How would the administrator design the campaign for them?
When you create a referral campaign, the unique link to it can be shared with anyone. That means that even people outside of your hub can submit a referral. When these people submit referrals, we ask for their information, so that we can keep track of all of their submissions. The Hub will then log them as Nominees, so that once they join your Hub, they can get points and rewards for their hard work!
Q. 8
Can you tell me some of the benefits that customers have seen by using Referrals 2.0?
It’s easily customizable, depending on your needs. You control the branding around your campaigns. You can also create campaigns specifically for a target audience.It can integrate into a number of marketing automation systems, the most popular being Salesforce and Marketo. There are many other benefits, so we’d recommend you talk to your coach and try it out for yourself!
It taps into the power of all of your advocates, even the ones that aren’t in your hub yet.  One of our customers even gamified the referrals experience by making it a little competition, by creating campaigns for each of their sales reps. Our customers are seeing great results from using this new feature!
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