G2 Integration: Creating a G2 Challenge with Auto-Verification

Now that you have configured the integration in AdvocateHub and G2, you can create a challenge which automatically verifies whether or not a review has been published to G2. If the review has been submitted but still not published, the G2 challenge will not be marked as completed until the review is published.

1. Head to Challenges > Add a Challenge > Blank Challenge.

2. Add a G2 Review stage to your challenge. It will now appear as below.

3. Once the Stage is added, input the appropriate Stage Name, Points and Stage Description. 

Note that if you don't add a stage description, you won't be able to save the challenge.

4. In the Link to G2 section, paste the following link:


Replace the [product_name] with your product that you would like to collect reviews for. Using the Influitive's page, it would look like the following example:


If you have a contributor link with an associated reward incentive, please paste the G2 contributor link. Contributor links normally start with the following format:


5. Once pasted, click  Load to see the preview. Feel free to customize the Preview Title, Description and choose the image that you want to display by clicking the arrows.

6. You may proceed to set the Challenge's Targeting and once everything is set, Save, Preview and Published the challenge.

Note that the challenge will be completed automatically and award the points when the users' review get published in the G2 page. The submitted review is not guaranteed to be published since it has to go through G2 QA Team. Therefore, this challenge integration will only award the points whenever the users' review gets successfully published.

7. If you would like to add additional checks after the review is published on the page, please take the additional steps below:

Follow the instructions on this page (Corporate Workflow) to make challenges contingent upon review approval by G2.

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