InfluiTip #23: Bulk - Manually Created Activities

I have completely run out of bulk jokes. 
As Support Specialists, we’ve got our fair share of feature requests. Well – good news! We’d like to introduce another new batch action because we want to make your lives easier. You can now “Log Activities” for multiple Advocates at once.
You can manually award points to many advocates for anything you want! Like a group advocates contributing to a customer testimonial video, which was not related to a challenge. You can log their activities and award them all points so they feel appreciated.
Here’s how:
First, head to the Advocates tab. Use the selection checkboxes to choose the group of Advocates.
After selecting all your advocates, click the “Actions” drop-down menu. Choose “Log Activity”.
You can now name the activity, add notes for why this activity is being logged, award the Advocates any amount of points you’d like, and note the date on which this activity will be logged.
Once all this info is filled out, click Log Activity.
Voilá! Now a group of advocates have been awarded without the drudgery of going to each individual profile.
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