InfluiTip #22: Creating an Advocate "Checkbox" in Salesforce

The AdvocateHub AppExhange package for Salesforce, which you should have installed when setting up the integration, adds several fields to your Salesforce instance with varying effects and info.
On the Contact record, one of these fields is the Date Joined Advocate Hub field.
This field is a simple way to reference when a Contact joined your hub. But we can go one level deeper. In this video we’ll create a true-false field for flagging Contacts in your Salesforce instance who are also Advocates.
In Salesforce, head to the setup page. Expand customization, contacts, and click Fields. Scroll down, and click New. Choose the formula field type, and click next. Enter a label and name for the field, choose the checkbox return type, and click next. On the next page, you’ll need to enter a formula
Here is the formula we use:
This formula will check the box if the Date Joined field has a date in it, and will stay unchecked if the Date Joined field is empty.
Now click next. In steps 4 and 5, choose where this field should be visible, then save the field.
With that field created, take a look at a contact you know is an Advocate, and a contact you know is not, to compare.
Now you have a way to check at a glance whether a Contact in your Salesforce instance is an Advocate.
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