InfluiTip #20: Re-Engaging Your Advocates Through Discussion

Has your Advocate population begun to stagnate? Are your challenges getting fewer and fewer responses? Your Discussion topics becoming barren? After research and testing, we’ve found that Discussion topics are one of the easiest ways to re-engage your Advocates.
Today I’ll show you a quick way to re-engage your Advocates using a badge, challenge, discussion topic.
First, let’s create the badge, since badges only start tracking activity once created. You can customize the look and nomenclature of the badge as you see fit. 
The rules should track the event replies to a topic, and be awarded after 5 times.
Next, create a challenge to find out the most popular topic your Advocates would like to discuss about your industry. I suggest the Single Answer Dropdown to ask this question. 
If you add an other option, make sure to add a Single Line Answer allowing anyone who picks other to fill in the blank. Now we play the waiting game.
Once you’ve collected a number of responses for this challenge, create a discussion topic related to the most popular topic your Advocates picked. Now you’re discussing topics they want to discuss! This is a sure fire way to get some fresh Discussions traction!
Let us know what you thought of this re-engagement plan by liking this video, and replying to our Discussion topic for this video!
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