InfluiTip #19: It's Badge-ic!

Did you know you can use Badges to perform some mind-blowing targeting calculations? Well, I guess if you’re watching this video you probably didn’t.

Badges can be targeted based on several metrics not available in the standard “targeting window”.

For example, let’s say you want to create a Group which included individuals who have either responded to or posted a Discussion Topic. With standard targeting, this wouldn’t be possible, but we can do it with the magic of badges. You could add this group to an exclusion rule later, allowing you to target any Advocates who haven’t posted in the Discussions area, this would be excellent for a re-engagement campaign.

First, head to the Levels & Badges tab, on the Admin Settings page. Add a new badge, customize as you see fit, then head to the rules tab. Choose the had an event logged option.

This ruleset allows you to track almost any activity an advocate performs in the hub. In our example, we need the posted a topic event. I’m picking 1 time, as my campaign will be for anyone who hasn’t posted at all. Save the badge, and start creating another one.

This second badge will track the replied to topic event, to track discussion replies.

Once that second badge is complete, create a Group and add both of these badges as inclusion rules, and make sure the Group targeting condition is set to any.

There you have it! Now you have a group which will fill up with every Advocate who creates or responds to, a Discussion topic.

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