InfluiTip #18: Advocates Tab 2.0

If you’re watching this video, you’ve probably already noticed that we’ve made some serious changes to the Advocates tab on the Admin panel! These changes were made to simplify the management of your Advocates.
On the top of the tab, access the Nominees page by clicking invite nominees.
Below this, you can search for Advocates by any of their profile details.
Import new Advocates via CSV by clicking the import Advocates CSV button, and export the current list of Advocates by clicking the Export table CSV button.
Modify the filters to display different subsets of your Advocates. Any changes you make to the filters will be reflected below and in the Export.
Change the number of Advocates per page with the show number of rows filter on the right, and click the column headers to change how the advocates on the tab are sorted.
The icons on the right of the Advocate’s row allow you to send the Advocate a message, access their full profile, or edit their profile.
Click anywhere else on the Advocate’s row to display a profile preview. The preview includes all Advocate’s information including notes and custom fields.
Using this preview, perform actions such as locking or perking the Advocate, sending them messages, and adjusting points without leaving the Advocates tab. You can also view their full profile.
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