InfluiTip #17: Custom Reports

It’s August 2017, and we’ve just released a brand new feature set for the Reporting tool in the AdvocateHub. Due to popular demand, you can now Save and Schedule reports in your hub.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of these features, let’s quickly overview some limitations and terms to make sure everything you see in this video is crystal clear.
First, this update will only affect AdvocateHubs of specific tiers. If you don’t see these changes in your hub today, please contact your coach for details.
Second, we need to over a couple of terms used in the tool; Looks and Dashboards.
Looks refer to the specific report widget displayed on a dashboard, such as the Advocacy Acts report on the Overview Dashboard.
A Dashboard is the tab in which several looks will be displayed on the Reporting page. By default, you can see the Overview Dashboard, Referrals Dashboard, and so on.
Now that we’ve clarified those terms, let’s get to the fun stuff.
This update gives you the ability to save custom Looks, create custom Dashboards from those looks, and schedule Looks and Dashboards to be emailed to you on a recurring basis.
To create and Save a custom look, start by exploring any Look. Once on the Explore page, customize the options to create the Look you want. 
Once you’re happy with the Look click the options dropdown, and click Save & Add to Dashboard.
Give this new look a title and description, then Save.
Now that you’ve created a custom look, you will have automatically saved it to your Personal Looks Space. Your Personal Space can be accessed in the 4 squares menu icon on any Dashboard.
At this point, you’ll be taken out of the explore menu, and presented with the option to pick which Dashboard to add the look. If you don’t have any Custom Dashboards yet, click New Dashboard. Enter a name for the Dashboard, and click OK. Your Look will now be added to that Dashboard.
You can also fully customize your Custom Dashboards. From any built-in Dashboard, click the four-squares menu button. In your Personal space, click your custom Dashboard.
Once the custom dashboard has loaded, click Edit to change the info included in your Custom Dashboard. You can:
Rename the dashboard
Add Custom Looks
Add text to give context to your Dashboard
Add filters to affect the looks on the Dashboard
Change the positioning and scale of the looks and text in the dashboard
Edit the Dashboard Settings
Finally, you can also schedule a report to be sent to you as a PDF on any recurring basis you’d like.
To Schedule a report, click the settings button on any Look or Dashboard and click Schedule.
From here, customize the email and frequency of the email to fit your needs. Once you’re happy, click Save All and the report will be emailed to you at the next occurrence you’ve set up.
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