InfluiTip #15: Embedding Videos with Markdown

Many Influitive textboxes use the Markdown syntax. This syntax allows you to format text, embed images, and even embed videos. You can embed a video on the sign-in page, for example. However, one drawback to this syntax is that the direct link to the video will be visible along with the video itself.
In this tip, we’ll show you how to embed a video onto your sign-in page, with a custom thumbnail, which will hide the direct link to the video.
Start by uploading your own thumbnail image and video to the web. We recommend Imgur for the image, and YouTube for the video. Once you’ve gathered the links, head back to your Hub’s Admin page.
Click the Admin Settings dropdown, then click Settings.
Under the Advocate Program tab, click Sign-In.
Start by adding the Link syntax, and enter the URL to your video in the round brackets. Then, place the Image syntax inside the square brackets of the Link syntax. Add the URL to your image into the round brackets of this Image syntax.
You should end up with an opening square bracket, followed by an exclamation mark, 2 square brackets, the link to your image inside of round brackets, a closing square bracket, followed by the link to your video inside of round brackets.


Once you’re finished click Save. Click preview to check the changes out. Now you have a custom video and thumbnail on your sign-in page.
For further Markdown reference, you should open up the markdown help page. The help page is accessible by adding /help/markdown to your hub’s main address.
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