InfluiTip #13: The Corporate Workflow Stage

The corporate workflow stage is a powerful tool you can use to verify challenge responses.
We recommend ensuring most or all of the challenge’s points are awarded on the corporate workflow stage, which should be the final stage of the challenge. This way, Advocates only receive the points for the Challenge once you’ve ensured they have completed the stages correctly.
As an example, let’s say you’ve created a 3-stage challenge. The first stage provides advocates with a blog post to share, the second stage asks follow-up questions about the post, and the third is the corporate workflow stage to verify submissions.
By following our best practice, Advocates will receive points only once you’ve confirmed their submission is legitimate. This ensures that if an Advocate submits invalid or incorrect responses, you can send them back to the first stage, or reject the submission entirely. If they have completed the stages correctly, you can award them their points.
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