InfluiTip #12: Targeting Limits

Our Support Term intern Jess has some detailed info about our new targeting limits and what they mean for your Hub!
Hopefully, you’ve noticed the new targeting limits on the last stage of the challenge builder. So why did we set these limits? When too many rules are used in one challenge, it takes longer for targeting to update and can clog up the queue. Now imagine every hub on our system targets a challenge with complicated rules - that’s a really big backup and potentially even an outage.
Our new targeting rules limit each challenge to 5 rules in total, with 50 values per rule. So what does that mean? 5 rules means 5 individual rows of targeting. For example you can target for advocate info: email (when I say this create the rule) and that’s 1 rule. 50 unique values per rule means 50 inputs in each row. So you could put 50 email addresses into that advocate info rule we made. Do keep in mind that each rule targets ANY of the options included, not All. 
The 5 rules total spreads across all the targeting for the challenge, meaning both inclusion and exclusion rules. This means you can have 3 inclusion rules and 2 exclusions rules, 1 exclusion and 4 inclusion, or really any combination however you want to spread those rules over the two sections. As long as there’s no more than 5, you’re golden!
If you need more intricate or extensive targeting than these rules allow, consider creating a group. You can mass import advocates who normally couldn’t be targeted together into a group, or you can target up to 5 rules for the group, then target that group for the challenge!
These new targeting limits will keep our targeting queues under control, meaning shorter update times for you, and more long-term stability and scalability for our systems.
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