InfluiTip #11: Reporting Categories

Here's Part 2 of Ian's Reporting tips! Today, Ian shows us what reporting categories can do for you, and how to best set them up.


You can choose reporting categories in your challenges for more accurate reporting.

As an example, let’s say you’ve created a two stage feedback challenge. Your first stage is an Answer Some Questions stage, and the second a Corporate Workflow stage to allow your Admins to verify the responses provided. If you set the reporting category to “Feedback” on the first stage, your reports could be less accurate.

If an Advocate completes the first stage, that completion will now count against the “Feedback” category in your reports, even though the response has not yet been verified.

To create more accurate reports, we suggest setting the first stage’s reporting category to None, while setting the Corporate Workflow stage to Feedback. This way, your reports will only reflect a new “Feedback” response once the challenge has been completed by the Advocate, and verified by the Admin.

We recommend this flow for any challenge ending with a “Corporate Workflow” stage. 

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