InfluiTip #10: Reporting Filters

Another week, another brand new InfluiTip.

Ian explains the different filters you can use on each of the Reports tabs.


Our new Reports tool includes filters, allowing you to segment the data you’re seeing by timespan, groups, experiences, referral campaigns, and more. Each tab on the Reports page offers a slightly different set of filters. Changing these filters will modify the data on each report.

All 8 Report tabs include the date filters, allowing you to see data in different timespans.

The Overview tab also includes group filtering, allowing you to restrict the data you’re seeing to specific Advocate Groups.

The Referrals tab includes both the group filter and a Referral campaign filter, allowing you to look at data in a per-campaign manner.

The Budget tab includes the group filter, and an Experience filter, allowing you to restrict the data to only the Experience you want data for.

The Hub Health tab is the same as the Budget tab, including both Group and Experience filters.

The Advocates tab is similar to the Hub Health and Budget tabs, but also includes the “Activities Last Week” filter. This filter allows you to filter for Advocates based on the number of activities they have completed in the past week.

Finally, the Discussions and Social Influence tabs includes the Group filter.

Each of these filters will help you to collect exactly the data you want from the Reporting section of your hub.

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