InfluiTip #9: CSV Import for Group Segmentation

Today, Eric Majer brings you a great tip to help you organize your Advocates into groups, using the CSV import tool.


Have some Advocates without profile information to help you segment them? Use the CSV Import to bulk-upload them into a group!

First, retrieve a list of all of the Advocates you want to make these changes to. The easiest option is to Export Advocate Data.

Second, download the CSV Import template from the Options dropdown on the Advocates tab. Make sure to download the template at the time you plan to make these changes, so you have the most recent version of the file.

Make sure not to modify any of the column headers in any way, as this could create errors upon upload.

Enter the information for each of the Advocates you’re modifying into the CSV import file. Once you’re finished filling out the information, save the file, and head back to your Hub’s Admin dashboard.

From here, click the Advocates tab. Click the Options dropdown, and choose Import Advocates. Click Choose File/Browse to locate and pick the CSV file on your computer.

Then add the Groups to which you want this list of Advocates added, and click Import.

These Advocates have now been added the appropriate groups.

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