InfluiTip #8: Integrations Bird's Eye View

In this video we show you the basic principles of how leads are passed from your AdvocateHub into the CRM or Marketing Automation tools you use. Check it out!


Today we’re going to be discussing Influitive Integrations from a bird’s eye view, specifically in regards to referrals and pushing leads. We want to help you understand how information passes from Influitive into your Marketing Automation, CRM, or other software system.

In your hub, you can access all integrations and their options from the Integrations page. Click the Admin Dropdown in the top right corner, then integrations.

From here, you’ll see the list of all integrations your Hub has active, and available to activate.

All integrations used for pushing leads will have a very similar set of mapping options.

You can push prospect, contact, and referral campaign information to the external system.

Prospect information is Lead information collected on the Referral form, Contact information is the Advocate or person who submitted the lead, and Referral campaign info includes the referral’s ID, and the Referral campaigns ID and name.

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