InfluiTip #7: Referral Landing Page

We designed Referrals 2.0 to help you collect high quality referrals.

A central feature of Referrals 2.0 is the Landing Page.

Let’s walk through how to set one up.

From the Admin Dashboard, click the Admin dropdown, then Settings.

On the left side menu, click Referrals 2.0, then Manage Referral Campaigns.

Click the edit button for the campaign you’re looking to edit.

On the Branding tab, scroll down to find the Landing Page Description text box.

The text editor gives you the freedom to change text size, format and colour. You can also add links, bullet and numbered lists, and even embed videos onto the landing page.

This text will be seen by anyone who is referred to the landing page, so keep that in mind while choosing your messaging.

Once you’re happy with the copy, scroll down or up, and click the Save Section button.

Now you can go take a look at the landing page. This page is the public version of the Referrals Tab in your Hub. This one is visible to anyone with a link to the page!

After saving your landing page, we recommend you view it from a private or incognito window to get the most accurate idea of what it will look like for everyone else.

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