InfluiTip #6: Segmenting Your Rewards

Different Advocates like different rewards. Let's show you how to split your rewards up into sections.


Segmenting your rewards can save you time as it prevents reward redemption issues and help your advocates get what they want out of the hub more efficiently and effectively.

All you have to do is edit the reward! Click edit for any active reward created in your hub, select the eligibility tab, and choose the targeting options.

By editing the eligibility of your reward, you can segment who sees which rewards, based on advocate factors such as geographic region, title, industry, engagement, group, and challenge responses.

This can allow you to, for example, ensure that advocates in Canada will not be able to redeem a reward meant for the United States. You can also target your rewards to fit the different interests of your advocates. Maybe you'll find that Directors or VPs are driven by access to event-based rewards that provide self-promotion, while others are motivated by gift cards.

Including or excluding advocates is a great way to streamline your hub for the users and yourself.

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