InfluiTip #5: Re-Inviting Advocates

Advocate wants to join, but you can't seem to create a new nominee for them? They may already be a Not Joined Advocate!


If you’ve sent an invitation to a potential Advocate, but they haven’t accepted it or didn’t receive it, you can re-send invitations to Advocates who are Not Joined.

To re-send an invitation, head over to the Advocates Tab. From here, find the Advocate you want to re-invite.

Once you have found the advocate in question, click the Not Joined button under the Advocate’s name. This will open a pop-up window to giving you two options re-invite the Advocate.

First, if you want to re-send the invitation from the hub, choose the sender, subject, and content of the email, and click Send Invite.

Second, you can choose to resend the invitation code yourself. Click the Resend Invitation Code Myself radio button, copy the invite code, and send it to the Advocate through your own Email or Marketing Automation system. This is the same link embedded in the hub’s invitation email.

Keep in mind, re-inviting Advocates in these ways won’t work if you are using the Marketo Integration’s Send Invitation Emails with Marketo feature.

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