InfluiTip #4: Filtering Challenges

Trying to find that one, specific challenge you made months ago, but can't remember the name of it? Challenge filtering is here to save the day!


As an Administrator, you can filter the challenges you see in the Admin View, making it quick and easy to find specific challenges.

To filter challenges, first click the Challenges tab.

On the right side of the page, you'll see a wide variety of filtering options.

You can filter challenges based on their targeting, the challenge type, which Administrator created the challenge, and if the challenge is part of an experience.

Furthermore, filter for Challenges that are active or archived, published or unpublished, and scheduled or expired. If you’re looking for archived challenges, make sure to remove both of the Published and Unpublished filters.

Finally, you can filter for where the challenges are available, whether the challenge is visible to advocates or nominees, and if the challenge is featured.

Keep in mind, you can mix and match all of these filters to provide complete control over the challenges you see in the Admin View. You'll also see a running tally of the number of challenges visible, in comparison to the total number of challenges in the Hub.

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