Advocate Sources: Ways advocates joined the Hub

There are many ways that advocates could have joined the Hub. The Advocate Sources displays information on how the advocates are added to the Hub.

This information can be shown under each advocate's Profile under the Advocate Details section, listed beside Source.

Administrators can also find information on  Advocate Sources when managing Advocate Lists.

Here are examples of the types of sources and what each means:

Group Invite: [name of group]      Users joined the Hub through Group Join Code.
Experience: [name of experience]  Users joined the Hub through Experience URL.
Open Sign Up 
Users signed up into the Hub through the Hub Sign in Page. For this to happen, the Hub needs to have an Open Sign Up enabled.

Users who are accepted via Request Access is also added with this Source. More on Request Access.
Csv Import Users were added/invited to the Hub using csv Import.
Salesforce Users were added through Salesforce Integrations.
Admin added Users were manually added/invited to the Hub by an administrator.
API  Users added through a specific and custom API call set up in the Hub.
SAML Users joined the Hub through SAML Single Sign On.
Custom OAuth Users joined the Hub through OAuth2 Single Sign On.
Referrals  Users signed up to the Hub through a Referral page. Again, the Hubs needs to have an Open Sign Up.
Email Invite  Users signed up to the Hub through clicking the invitation link in the email invitation from the Hub.
AdvocateAnywhere Users signed up to the Hub by completing/interacting with an AdvocateAnywhere Challenge.
Community Users signed up through a public discussion forum.
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